Wearing It Well: Paul Ramos Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger



Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger

What role does fashion play in your daily life?

Fashion is my passion. I am live with it as I work full time as Visual Merchandizer for British brand F&F, and at the same time running The Style Choreo – a fashion and lifestyle blog based in the UAE’s capital, Abu Dhabi. Fashion is absolutely important to me and for my full time job, as I need to be updated in the latest trends – what’s in and what’s not.  And of course for the blog, as well. Paul Ramos Filipno Blogger


Do you consider the ‘regular you’ a fashionable person?

Well, I don’t really consider myself a ‘fashionable person.’  I would like to think of myself as ‘stylish’ instead. I incorporate fashion into my daily life.  Although probably having a unique style that stands out, I guess, doesn’t make me a ‘regular person’ anymore.Paul Ramos Dubai UAE Paul Ramos Fashion


What do you typically wear daily?

My go to pieces – slim trouser in navy blue or khaki/ brown, a plain white shirt and a blazer with a pocket square.  And then I’ll just throw on a good pair of loafers.Paul Ramos Filipno Fashion Blogger


What can’t you live without?

Well, as a blogger, I guess, I can’t live without my phone.Paul Ramos Portering Around The Address


What is your fashion philosophy?

“Dressing well is a form of good manners,” according to Tom Ford.  “Style is a way to show who you are without having to speak,” said Rachel Zoe.  I say: dressing-up is like dance choreography, everything should be synchronized.Paul Ramos


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