It’s What I Do: Yvette Santos & Nolie Hans Dagman

Yvette Santos

Office Manager

KLS Martin Group – Middle East Representative Office



I am an Office Manager who wears different hats. Our company is an established manufacturer of medical instruments produced in Germany. Working for KLS Martin Group Middle East is challenging yet fun filled at the same time. I have been privileged to organize courses and exhibits. I have worked closely with highly respected surgeons from all over the region and the world. I started as a customer service agent and was given the privilege to be trained in Germany to learn the ins and outs of handling customers’ sales orders and quotations, software programs, logistics and about the company. I am so blessed to have been given this opportunity.  After a year, another blessing knocked on my door when the management moved me one step ahead and became the Office Manager.

My Typical Workday 

My typical day starts with a silent prayer and a cup of coffee. When I’m in front of my laptop that means one thing… work mode. I make sure I cover all the deadlines, reports, our boss and office bills, signatures and stamps. And did I mention signatures? Despite the language barrier, working hand in hand with our head office in Germany has taught me to smoothly handle the accounts, HR, events, and overall office management.


Message to my fellow Filipinos

I look at the Filipinos around me in a pool of different nationalities and I can only wish for life of joy and true beauty and to always love your abilities and roles, whether you are a working mother or stay home dad and that includes all the awesome roles out there too. It is beautiful to live life for a meaningful purpose, authentically, and with no regrets. So reach for the stars and never stop, because you are a Filipino. Kaya natin to!

Nolie Hans Dagman

Sr. Interior Designer – MJU Engineering Consultancy 

Dubai, UAEmug-shot

My Job

I work as a Senior Interior Designer at MJU Engineering Consultancy. As a Senior Interior Designer I am tasked to provide Conceptual Designs & 3D renderings for the interior Spaces of a Project to be later presented for approval of the Client.  I am also responsible for performing preparing the Working Interior Design Drawings for the approved designs. I work closely with the managing Director who is also hands-on on all projects, so I make sure I’m always on my top performance and achieve all tasks necessary. It maybe terrifying at first but when you get the hang of it and built a proper means of communication and rapport, you will feel it’s much easier to get the job done as opposed to having a manager in between you & your boss.

My typical work day

A day in a life of a Senior Interior Designer consist of checking emails in the morning, sending out request & attending meetings for suppliers, coordinating drawings to contractors, and occasionally updating with the Boss for any upcoming projects.


Message to my fellow Filipinos

In our daily jobs, it is easy to be comfortable and just do whatever. We just stick to what’s in our job description, thereby missing out on opportunities for our companies to see that we can perform better. It’s time for us to step out of our comfort zones and do beyond our regular call of duty to prove to the world that the Filipinos  are indeed a cut above the rest when it comes to diligence and work ethics.