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Christmas Is A Time To Linger: Finding your true self as you make sense of the world.

Christmas is arguably the most celebrated holiday for us Filipinos. However, for the “kabayans” outside the Philippines, how do we get the most out of this special day? Illustrado’s Roman Guevarra gives us a refreshing way to reconnect with ourselves, our friends and the community. Christmas is a time to linger. Be nice. Be kind. Be your best. Be loving. The world needs more of that. Let us make this season a little warmer by making wonderful and genuine connections. Show everyone what Filipino Christmas is all about.
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Business Bayanihan – Getting a headstart through Filipino business organizations

#taasnoofilipino In various Filipino communities around the world, the spirit of communal work is alive and kicking in the entrepreneurial sector, with veritable “business bayanihan” providing a boost to Pinoy entrepreneurs in so many ways. We have spoken to three Filipino business organizations to find out how they are adding value to the Philippine business community. #illustradomagazine
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Financial Planning 101: Protection Planning

#taasnoofilipino Despite the presence and a growing number of both local and international life companies in the U.A.E., many Filipino expats are mostly unaware of of the many insurance institutions across the country. Investment manager Kenneth Rosales explains the significance of protection planning, highlighting its many options and benefits. #illustradomagazine