Artist Spotlight: APE CREATIVE Design Collective



Design Collective

Rollan Rodriguez – Creative Director / Founder

Jude Valderrama – Graphic Designer

Mary Hechanove – Graphic Designer


Our Art


We are Ape Creative, a graphic design studio based in Dubai and originally from Manila. We do various works such as brand identity, illustration, art direction and event curation. We love generating ideas, then interpreting it to tangible geometry, color, direct typography and visual communication. We love to push creative boundaries.


Art and design is our way of life. This is the essence of who we are.It’s always been clear to us in the beginning that being in design is a vocation – a way of life. Either you love what you doing or not. In our case, graphic design is a whole world to us. So much in of love what we are doing, head to toe.


Our Process


Every creative has its own reason. Influence is an important factor. For starters, the immense influence of the visual landscape, up to the great art proponents of history; the unnoticeable influence of pop culture from film, television, music and print media. Inspiration is everywhere, so the real challenge for us is to not to get caught up in everything that stimulates our imagination. We always try to maintain a measure of level-headedness, while tempering it with a bit of folly.


Projects comes from different sorts of places and intention. It may be from a self-initiated projects to a brand brief. As a studio, this process is set in stone: Research – Ideation – Interaction – Execution – Distribution – Contemplation.


 Our Journey


We’ve only been operating for two years, and our staff is very minimal, but despite all of that, we have managed to accomplish noteworthy projects, such asthe design and curation of one of Dubai’s premiere urban art festivals, StreetCon. We’ve also handled branding projects from companies here in the Middle East, and even from Asia and North America. 


We are proud to announce our upcoming participation to one of the Middle East’s premieredesign festival, Dubai Design Week.


Byahe: A Typographic Exploration


‘Byahe’ is an exhibition and film showing. It explores the culture and the craft of hand painted lettering on signage. The core inspiration for ‘Byahe’ arose out of an interest in hand painted signage iconically found on vehicles in the Philippines. ‘Byahe’ will explore how people connect through their stories, their travels and experiences using elements of typography & design on signage exemplified in collaborative effort of the designers of the studio. 

The exhibition is a celebration of the slowly dying craft of hand painted signage – that often overlooked and or ignored.

24 – 29 October 2016 | 10 am – 10pm

FN Designs, Warehouse 26, Alserkal Avenue, Al Qouz 1. Dubai UAE





Message to our fellow artists

There’s no magic formula to do excellent work. But this works for us: Work hard, play hard. Remember, that you are only as good as your next big idea.



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