Filipino Professionals: Arch. Glenn Maambong & Cher Pauline Cruz

It’s about Pinoy progress and diversity at the workplace.  Two Filipino professionals, an architect and a Marketing Communications Coordinator talk about their respective careers in the emirates.

It’s What I Do:


Architect, Deyaar Development PSJC

– Dubai, UAE

My job

I am an architect for a public joint stock company (Deyaar Development PSJC).  Working as an architect for a developer is, in some ways, different to the job of an architect in a consultant company. The latter’s job starts when they receive a job to design for a specific project, while for us, we have to develop a concept and study feasibility for specific projects. In short, we design from ideas, and those become the foundation from where the consultants elaborate.

My work day

My day is always very interesting and challenging.  I get to design and propose ideas and concepts.  For example, at one time, I was tasked to develop and propose a concept for a hotel apartment. So, I draw CAD elevation and perspective sketches, model my concept in Revit or 3Dmax from high-rise residential buildings, to the type of units and unit layouts.  I then present it to the design manager and receive feedback for revisions. Typically, most of my day is spent in front of my computer rendering my concept.

Career advice

My message to my kababayans working here in Dubai or in the MENA region is to keep working hard with a good attitude, warmth, respect, decency, faith in God and always keeping our sense of fun.  This is our source of pride as Filipinos. Taas noo!


Filipino Professionals: Arch. Glenn Maambong & Cher Pauline Cruz


Marketing Communications Coordinator

Abu Dhabi Duty Free


My job

I am the Marketing Communications Coordinator of one of the brands carried by Abu Dhabi Duty Free. It is my 7th year in the UAE and it has been a slow yet sure journey towards a career where I know I can excel in. I am in charge of everything creative for our brand – copywriting, graphic design, photography, videography, social media and budget management for our department – almost everything I love to do, all rolled into one job!

My work day

In my job, every single working day offers a new skill to be learned, new knowledge to enhance and discoveries to enrich the whole experience. You’ll never know what the new day will bring, thus, it makes the work more exciting and inspiring. I get to interact with different kinds of people and learn from them. I coordinate with media people, suppliers, customers, and with the different departments in our company. I get to do things that I only usually do for leisure and every day brings new challenges to overcome.

Career advice

With the right attitude, we will get that job that we want. Skills can always be developed, but our attitude will always lead us to the right path to success. Instead of looking at a setback as negative, try to make the most out of it and learn from it. Also, being a Filipino abroad, we must not forget about our responsibility to our country. Whatever we do outside, will reflect on others’ perception on Filipinos. Therefore, we must always be conscientious, we must strive hard to uplift our nation and we must fulfill our social and moral responsibility as a Filipino.


  1. Glenn Maambong says:

    I am grateful to for featuring my career experience here in abroad. Hope with this will inspire our fellow Filipinos to strive hard and reach our dreams in life.

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