Filipino Daly City: My Pinoy Life in Daly City, California

Filipino Daly City: My Pinoy Life in Daly City, California

By Terisha May Marquez


My City

On September 1999, my family moved from the Philippines to the United States. I was only one-year-old at the time. For 17 years, I have been living in California. To have a better life for my siblings and I, my parents made the sacrifice of leaving their home in the Philippines in hopes of having my siblings and I have a career and future. To my parents, America is where dreams come true, so to make my dreams come true we moved to the Land Of The Free.


I live in Daly City, California with my parents, two brothers and my sister. We all live in one house, kind of like the Filipino Brady Bunch. I am lucky to have a close family that always supports me.



My Work

Since I am only 18 years old, I am a full time student and I also work part time at David’s Bridal. College is very expensive in America, which is a downside, so I work part time to help my parents with the expenses of school. Even though I do work, being a student always comes first so, I study when I can.


Filipino Daly City: My Pinoy Life in Daly City, California
My Community

Another name for Daly City is “Little Manila.” Daly City has one of the biggest Filipino communities in the Bay Area. Growing up, there was not much of a culture shock as other young Filipino immigrants’ experience. I grew up with people who were the same color and race as me. The Filipino community in Daly City is a tight knit group where it feels like every Filipino here is like family.



My Life

Growing up Filipino is a blessing. I learn the importance of family, respect, and hard work. But growing up where people have the same morals as me is a plus. Most of my neighbors, classmates, and friends are Filipino. We all grow up with the same culture and morals that I can relate too.

Because I moved to the US when I was only a year old, I do not speak Tagalog well. Even though my parents and family talk to me in tagalog, I always respond in English. In school, my Filipino friends and I never practiced our Tagalog because our courses were all in english.

If I were given the choice to grow up in Daly City or somewhere else, I would always choose Daly City. Being Filipino in Daly City, you will always have support from the Filipino community. My friends are also young Filipino immigrants who have moved to the US when they were young, and finding people who are on the same boat as me makes it easier to cope.

To my fellow Pinoys…

Being Filipino is a blessing and it is something I take pride in. No matter where I am, I will always have the love and support of the Filipino community across the globe. I will always support my fellow Filipino friends.


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  1. Annalyn M. Cruz says:

    Hi trisha, congrats and were so proud of u as one of your relatives here in the Philppines,here in bacoor..I hope you will continue your dreams and goodluck on your endeavors in life…Take care and God Bless ur Family..

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