Strong is the New Beautiful

Filipino Community: Strong is the New BeautifulCJ Lim THE SUPER TRAINER CJ LIM – Personal Fitness Instructor Fitness Philosophy: “Your body is a temple. Take care of it!” What he does: I have always believed in resistance and cardiovascular training coupled with Pilates to maintain flexibility and a good mind body connection. I exercise on average 6 days per week doing a combination of high intensity training, resistance training and cardio combined with a well thought out nutrition programme.

Filipino Community: Strong is the New Beautiful
CJ Lim

What he eats: I have a very balanced and realistic approach to eating. I eat generally healthy foods 6 days per week – mainly trying to avoid processed food.  Where I can, I try to eat organic as often as possible. I always have a day off eating at the weekend. Myself and my wife like to be adventurous and like to experiment in different restaurants and sometimes even indulge in a bit of desert. My all-time favorite cheat food is ice cream.

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