Strong is the New Beautiful


Filipino Community: Strong is the New Beautiful
Angelo Gabriel Amante

ANGELO GABRIEL AMANTE – Personal Trainer at Fitness 360 Fitness Philosophy: “Life is too short to be weak.” What he does: I do a hybrid of traditional isolation, HIIT (High Intensity interval training), and Cross Fit workouts. I exercise 5-6 times a week. Awareness to my diet based on my trainings is the main key. What he eats: No special diet; just awareness. When I eat a lot I work out a lot; when I workout hard, I eat hard (but clean non-fatty foods) and I stray away from fast food restaurants. On my cheat days, I like to eat the ultimate “bro” food: pizza!

We scoured social media for some of the most body beautiful Filipinos around in the Gulf. Look whom we found

Filipino Community: Strong is the New Beautiful
Gerald Calica Danao – Photo supplied

Gerald Calica Danao

I am the first and only Filipino who finished the Wadi Bih Ultra-marathon solo category twice. Prior to running, I used to weigh 83 kgs. Now I’m 67 kgs and it even went down to 62 kgs during marathon season. I have become more confident with my new self. I have endeavored to let other people know that there are many options to attain the level of fitness that they want to achieve.

Filipino Community: Strong is the New Beautiful
Yvonne Heruela – Photo by Alex Callueng

Yvonne Heruela I currently work as receptionist in a fitness company. Considering the industry I worked for, it’s quite surprising that I haven’t really jumped into the workout craze, though I occasionally do sit-ups and run on the treadmill. I watch my food as I am scared to become chunky as it is not ideal in relation to my petite height of 5”1.

Filipino Community: Strong is the New Beautiful

Mhel Jay Pastor – Photo by James Ian Paller

Mheljey-Car R. Pastor I am a registered nurse, currently residing and working in Benghazi, Libya, and a former member of the FEU cheering squad. Staying fit and living healthy is a life-long investment. It requires discipline, determination, and lots of motivation. Make the decision to lead a healthier life today!

Filipino Community: Strong is the New Beautiful
Crison Martesio – Photo by Tim Tijares

 Crison Martesio I hit the gym 4 to 5 times a week for an hour. My fridge is always stacked with fruits, veggies and juice of different flavors. My fitness advice is to never forget to exercise. Do not deprive yourself, because in moderation there is abundance

Filipino Community: Strong is the New Beautiful
Ever Reyes

Ever Reyes I’m an ISSA (International Sports & Science Association) certified personal trainer. I keep a focus in the scientific side of finding the best ways to fully optimize nutrition and weight lifting programs. I’ve been in this profession for over 15 years. I continue to learn and educate myself so I can provide the most effective training and nutrition advice to my clients.

Filipino Community: Strong is the New Beautiful!


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