Wearing It Well: Bandoix Flores Nebria – Couture Designer


Couture Designer

Bandoix Flores Nebria -Filipino Fashion Designer UAE Bandoix Flores Nebria Fashion UAE

What role does fashion play in your daily life?

As a designer, being one with Dubai’s high fashion and haute couture community is important to me, not just for my professional career, but also for inspiring the way I run my daily life. Kailangan lagi akong couture. It’s not just a label to me. It’s a mindset. It’s a value that I live everyday. It helps me maintain my status, and my waistline! But style and aesthetics notwithstanding, my strong set of morals defines my existence. I’m just glad that I am able to translate this level of integrity to my work. They call me klassista. For me, dapat palagi class lang.
Photo by Bruce Casanova – Jef Anog
Bandoix Flores Nebria - Filipino Fashion Designer

What do you typically wear daily? What are your favorite things to wear?

Fashion is my life. This has always been the case with me. I can’t remember a time when fashion figured low on my priorities. To me, I look at it as if I am always on the runway, 24-7. I love black. I love timeless pieces. I will not be caught dead looking uncoordinated. Some people may call it “safe.” I think it’s about being put-together well, and having a sense of elegant order – think Jackie O! Suffice it to say, I cannot go out wearing a top with an abstract print. Mamatay ako! Photo by Jef Anog Bandoix Fashion Designer
What is your fashion philosophy?
Fashion is my existence. I will live, eat, and breathe fashion to the very end. That’s really the best way to think about it: fashion as a long-term commitment. Planado na nga na pag namatay ako, everyone who wants to attend my mourning must be wearing black or else they wont get a pass to see my urn jar! Bandoix Flores Nebria - Fashion Designer Dubai Bandoix Flores Nebria Save Save

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  1. Nestor B. Nimer says:

    Bandoix is friend since we meet in Jeddah K.S.A. 1987 when I use to work in Al Amoudi Hotel infront of Mozadia road, his shop is close by to my hotel and we become a good friend and I have work with him in his shop for part time job for fashion design of display artist in his shop. He teach me how fashion it is, we have so much fun together since then. It is to bad that he left us now in his last journey, I pray for his soul in heaven with god. Farewell my dear Bandoix friend your still in my heart, and I will never for get sa mga pinag samahan nating dalawa for past years. Thank you for being a good friend with me, and to share your life with me. We love you god bless your soul in heaven…

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