Fashion Designer and Creative Director for Jacy Kay Couture, Dubai



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Francis ‘Izhcka’ Zeta is quite arguably, the quintessential fashionista.  Those who are familiar with him know all too well that Izhcka doesn’t only create amazing works of art in the form of couture, but he also dresses quite distinctively, so much so that people who pass him by can’t help but look.  Whether just working in his atelier at Jacy Kay, strutting down Dubai Mall for a box of macarons at La Duree, or throwing air kisses to other designer friends at Fashion Forward, this Filipino fashionista is always well turned-out.   We look into the artist’s personal style and found out that it is his passion for his craft that makes him, not only unique, but also a formidable figure in the industry.


Fashionable Me

“Fashion is like my morning coffee that I cannot live without. IT IS ESSENTIAL. Corollary to that, is the fact that it is my job not just to be fashionable but to bring out fashion. Being in this industry consumes my daily life, my very self. Fashion is not just a “play”— it is my LIFE. “



“I am fashionable as to when I choose my stuff. My mind is so wired that all of them must be in proper order— have color schemes, elegance, and value. Not necessarily expensive, since price does not make a person fashionable, but at least, with a sense of amusing choice. But then, I still crave for things that I have grown up with, even if they are not in trend.”

My typical wear is muted. I like the elegance of muted colors. I think classic monochrome like black elevates to high stature in terms of fashion sense. There is something in it that defines the relativity of individual taste. It never goes out of fashion and it has no boundaries. Sometimes, when I feel playful in my craft, I punctuate my style with loud colors. I can be bold and daring. I am not afraid to experiment and create shocking ensembles. Accessories by Alexander McQueen, skull emblem on rings and bracelets are always present in my outfit.”


Can’t Live Without
“My family. Definitely. I belong to a “multitude” family, haha! We love one another. Their support is fantastic and I think, no matter how clichéd it sounds, I’ve become who I am, because of them.”


My Fashion Philosophy
“Life is a dance, put on the best goddamn dress for the occasion.” This is my mantra. You might ask why, and I am more than happily to comply. Fashion might be timeless, but I also recognize the fact that each and every one has different taste. One precious stone here for some, and more precious stones there, for others. Life, as we all have experienced it, has its quirks – loneliness, happiness, loveliness, and even death. Yet we live and strive to be happy—to dance in spite of the challenges. Whatever the mood of our life is, there is a dress that reflects it. Wear it and be happy. Dance with hope regardless of the occasion.”




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