Wearing it Well: Jesus Sindayen – Fashion Designer

Fashion Designer

What role does fashion play in your daily life?
It plays a huge role. For one, fashion is my line of work. But more importantly, it is my medium of expression. I use it to define and present myself to the world. It is a manifestation of my individuality. It’s as essential as eating and breathing to me.

Do you consider the regular you a fashionable person?
No. Stylish? Yes. Artistic? Yes. But I wouldn’t use the term “fashionable,” because it implies that I am devoted to trends. Trends come and go, but style and art are forever. I do not want to be limited by what the industry defines as “hip” and “in the now.” I prefer to be free to express myself, the way I see fit.

What do u typically wear daily?
I have a very unorthodox sense of style, so it’s quite hard for me to find ready-to-wear clothes that jive perfectly with my aesthetics. So instead of buying clothes, I make them myself – at least most of the time, especially for important social gatherings. Feeling ko tanggal ang worries at stress ko kapag nakakapag-outfit ako.

What is your fashion philosophy?
I believe that fashion has to be daring. It takes courage to go out of convention, buck the norms, and provoke change. If it’s not pushing the standards in any way, it’s not really fashion.

Can’t live without…
My sewing machine.

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