Most Influential Filipinos in the Gulf: Nick Nadal – The Master Strategist

NICK NADAL The Master Strategist

Nick Nadal is quite possibly the single most important voice in the subject of Corporate Governance in the UAE, but you will never hear this from him.


Ask him about his achievements and all you will likely get is a coy smile and a suave invitation to a change of topic. Perhaps this is the most prudent course of action on his part, as his achievements can certainly speak for themselves: seven years as the Director of the Hawkamah Institute for Corporate Governance, two years as Head of the Mudara Institute of Directors, and as of press time, Advisor for the Executive Council of the Government of Dubai.


His work in the private and public sector has helped immensely in the formation of regional corporate governance policies that effectively consolidate the perspectives of internal and external stakeholders whilst keeping abreast of global best practices.

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  1. So proud of you bro… of your achievements…..his humility is a reflection on how we were brought up by our dear parents. Thank you ILLUSTRADO for the recognition! 🙂

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