Artist Spotlight: Lakshmi Ramirez – Filipino Musician


Artist Spotlight: Lakshmi Ramirez – 36 yo


My Style

Since 1999, I have been obsessed with the vintage era from the 20’s to the 50s. From fashion, music, cars, & furniture. I collect vintage hand painted silk ties, hats, shoes, braces (suspenders), clothes, and vinyls. My music is from the Trad Jazz of the New Orleans, Big Bands, Jump Blues, Rockabilly, Western Swing, and Doo Wop. Why do you love it? It just adds colour to everyday life. dressing up uniquely with vintage clothes that you don’t normally people wearing around you , greasing up my hair with pomade, listening to music from my vinyl collections.

My family inspires me and people around me to create music. I just want to show and reintroduce the era’s music to the younger crowd.

I wouldn’t say my music is an original style, but being influenced by Western Americana music and the Filipino’s Kundiman Music, I can say my original songs are distinct.


What have been highlights in your journey as an artist so far? Please share stories, significant events, exhibitions, developments, etc. –

As a musician, I am very fortunate to work with International and Local artist, either playing live or recording. Launching our self titled album “The Fabulous Bembol Rockers” was one of the highlights, performing in different music festivals around the world. And knowing that we, The Bembol Rockers, were invited to Las Vegas for Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekender, and my other UAE based band The Swing Revue nominated in Dubai for the best live act.


What’s your hope/plan for the future (in connection to your art)?

I hope to create more swinging and rockin music that can make people happy


Any advice you wish to share with others who wish to pursue their art?

Love what you do and don’t let anyone stop you from doing it!!!